Why Choose Anupama nursing college for GNM Nursing Course?


For those in search of premier GNM nursing colleges in Bangalore, Anupama College of Nursing stands as the optimal choice.

The General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) program, offered at Anupama College of Nursing, encompasses comprehensive education in general health care, nursing, and midwifery, fostering enhanced career prospects for candidates. Graduates of this program are eligible for registration as registered nurses or midwives with the state nurse registration council.

The GNM program at Anupama College of Nursing is a 3-year diploma course, including a mandatory 6-month internship. Examinations are conducted twice a year, with one annual examination in August and a supplementary examination in February. Theory examinations are held at designated centers, while practical examinations take place in the clinical areas of respective institutions, with both morning and afternoon sessions.

Course of Instructions and Supervised practice

Subjects Theoretical Hours & Supervised practice
Biological Science
 Anatomy & Physiology
Behavioral Science
Fundamentals of Nursing
 Fundamentals of Nursing
 First Aid
 Personal Hygiene
Community Health Nursing
 Community Health Nursing 1
 Environmental Hygiene
 Health Education & communication Skills
V. English 30
Total Hours of First year 575
I. Medical Surgical Nursing I(including Pharmacology)
 II. Medical Surgical Nursing II (Specialties)
 III. Mental Health & psychiatric Nursing
 IV. Computer Education


Total Hours of Second year 360
Third Year
 1. Midwifery and Gynecology
 2. Community Health Nursing-II
 3. Pediatric Nursing


Total Hours of Third year 290
Internship Period Subjects
I. Educational Methods & Media For teaching in practice of Nursing
 II. Introduction to Research
 III. Professional Trends & Adjustment
 IV. Administration and Ward Management
 V. Health Economics
Total Hours of Internship 190


Essential nursing skills include critical thinking, communication, empathy, attention to detail, time management, compassion, and technical proficiency in medical procedures and equipment use. here are some basic FAQ for you to understand the course better.

Who should study GNM Nursing?

The BSc Nursing Course is a popular course amongst Indians.

Candidates should pursue GNM Nursing if they have:

  1. a caring and nurturing nature
  2. an aptitude for science
  3. empathy and will to serve with dedication.

Students with an aggregate 45% in 10+2 (or equivalent as recognised by the university) in science subjects (Biology, Chemistry & Physics) are eligible to pursue the course.

What are the career opportunities after doing BSc Nursing?

Candidates have plenty of opportunities awaiting them on their completion of the GNM Nursing Program in India as well as abroad.

Nursing graduates have the option of studying further or getting employed in government & private sectors.

Options for higher studies after GNM Nursing:

  1. MSc Nursing in choice of specialization
  2. MPH – Masters in Public Health
  3. MBA – Healthcare Analytics
  4. MBA – Hospital Administration

Job Opportunities for GNM Nursing students on course completion:

  1. Nursing Supervisor
  2. Registered Nurse
  3. Midwife
  4. Nurse Educator
  5. Public Health Nurse
  6. School Health Nurse
  7. Occupational Health Nurse
  8. Nursing Assistant
  9. Nursing Instructor
  10. Nursing Advisor
  11. Staff Nurse
  12. Home care Nurse
  13. Nursing Superintendent etc.
What is the eligibility criteria to pursue GNM Nursing in Bangalore?

For a candidate to pursue GNM Nursing from a college in Bangalore, he/she should have secured 45% in his 12th or 10+2 equivalent as recognised by the affiliated university in science subjects – Biology, Physics and chemistry.

What is the age criteria to Pursue GNM Nursing?

The age criteria for a candidate to be eligible to pursue GNM Nursing is a minimum of 17 years of age and a maximum of 35 years in age.

What is the Difference between BSc and GNM Courses?

BSc Nursing:

  1. BSc Nursing is a four-year graduation course in Nursing.
  2. Eligibility: for science students only.
  3. Extensive academic scope.
  4. Students learn the aspects of assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of patient care.
  5. Requires practical exposure.
  6. A four-year program with 24 weeks internship.

General Nursing & Midwifery:

  1. A three-year diploma course in Nursing.
  2. Eligibility: Across all streams (Science, Commerce & Arts)
  3. Limited academic scope.
  4. Students learn emergency response, compassion, individual care etc.
  5. Theoretical approach.
  6. A three-year program with 6 months internship.
What is the Duration of the GNM Nursing Course?

GNM Nursing program done from any college in Bangalore is a Three-year degree/graduation course.

The course is followed by a twenty-four-week internship program.

Can I get a job in the Government sector on completing a GNM in Nursing in Bangalore?

The government healthcare sector and government hospitals – both Central and State have a lot of vacancies for Nursing graduates.

Some of the major job profiles that a student can apply for are:

  1. Military Nursing Services(You can also join the army by appearing for the CDS exam.)
  2. Central Railway Staff Nurse
  3. CRPF Staff Nurse
  4. CMHO Durg Staff Nurse
  5. KPSC Staff Nurse
  6. Staff/Assistant Nurse in Government Hospitals and Medical Colleges.